Thursday, December 6, 2018

Happy Hanukkah! 12/6/18

                                                   Enjoying latkes for snack!

Classroom Update 11/30/18

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! We’ve had a great week and are working hard to get in a lot of learning between now and Winter Break!

In Math, we are practicing daily to master and feel confident about adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers needing regrouping. A good understanding of place value is key in mastering these skills. We have been working through the “B” section of IXL to assist with this. Please sit with your child while doing the math homework or while doing IXL to get a sense of how that’s going.

Ask your child about today’s fun assembly! Jill was here and got the kids moving as they learned about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

The Nutcracker trip is on Thursday, December 20th. The pink permission slips had the wrong date. Last week a new one was sent home with the correct date. Please make sure that one gets returned. Extras are available if needed.

The Book Fair will be next week (Dec. 3-7). Fliers came home today so that you can preview books that will be available for purchase.
Look for your child’s November Journal which also came home today.

Finally, Gingerbread Houses are coming up! We will build them on Wednesday, December 12th and decorate them on Friday, the 14th. I’m hoping that everyone can send in donations. We also need volunteers to help out on those days in order for this project to be successful. Look for a sign up via email.

Jump with Jill! 11/30/18

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Classroom Update 11/20/18

Your child’s report letter was sent home today.  I also included Fall NWEA results.  These tests were taken during the first couple weeks of school. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your child’s report letter. The best way to contact me is via e-mail at

In addition to Moby Max for fact practice and IXL, listed below are some additional websites that your child could go to practice math.  

We are currently working through the Bs (place value) on IXL.

We are in need of classroom snacks once again. Clorox wipes and bags of birdseed to keep our feeder filled are always welcome too. Thanks so much for any donations!!!!!

With the cold weather here, make sure that your child is coming with boots and cold weather gear to keep them warm. When there is snow on the ground, or the playground is muddy, we keep kiddos that aren’t wearing boots on the blacktop and woodchips. It is a good idea to keep a pair of gym shoes at school through the winter as well. Several kiddos have been coming to school without shoes for gym.

Please make sure you are checking your child’s Home/School folder on a daily basis. Although I try to save up most important communication for Fridays, there are often things sent home during the week.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving break and hope that it includes special family time together!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Classroom Update 10/26/18

The three nights of parent/teacher conferences wrapped up yesterday. I enjoyed meeting with many of you to plan for a positive successful year for your child. If you were unable to attend one of those nights, please let me know what days/times work for you. I want to meet with all of you before report cards are sent home in November!

We are continuing to work on multiplication and division as well as number stories. You can support these concepts at home by making sure your child does the weekly math review that comes home on Fridays. Doing Moby Max at home several times a week will help with fact fluency. The IXL sections that would be helpful to work on over the next couple weeks are: P1, the Es, and T1-6. Login info is on the back of your child’s home/school folder.
The Lexia login which will help with your child’s reading growth is there too. We are aiming for a minimum of 60 minutes a week. I provide time for about 30 minutes a week at school.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending in classroom snacks and supplies. They are greatly appreciated!!!

I am still in need of a classroom parent(s) to help me coordinate classroom events this year. Please let me know if you are interested!